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HK Scholars as a Co-Designed Program

Hong Kong Scholars is part of the AccessEd network.

AccessEd exists to increase access to university for young people from under-served backgrounds globally. We are creating a global network of partner organisations committed to this mission, sharing with them our expertise, resources and support.

Ednovators was founded by a group of dedicated edupreneurs, educators and individuals with passion and experiences in diversified fields of education. Their mission is to inspire and engage different stakeholders of education, advocate all kinds of innovation that would make education more diverse and effective, foster cross-sector partnership and collaboration to create and deliver the best innovation in education for our young generation.


Participants came from: 

Teach4HK, HKU, CUHK, HKBU, TJC EduYoung College, TWGH Wong Fung Ling College, Chinese YMCA Secondary School, CPC Yao Dao Secondary School, Ling Liang Church M H Lau Secondary School, HKSHK Bishop Hall Secondary School, Tin Shui Wai Methodist Primary School, CCC Kung Lee College.

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